Interface: City of Plano Parking Management - Traveler Vehicles

City of Plano Parking Management to Traveler Vehicles Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

parking availability  (Near-term)  

Information on available parking. This flow identifies available spaces with associated information about parking restrictions and location for each available space. Specifically includes information on parking for commercial vehicles, coaches/buses, and cars – and likely also motorcycles, electric vehicle plugins, etc.

vehicle payment information  (Near-term)  

Information provided for payment of tolls, parking, and other transportation fees including identification that can be used to identify the payment account or source and related vehicle and service information that are used to determine the type and price of service requested. This flow supports one–time payments that may not be associated with a service account. See also 'actuate secure payment'. The information exchange normally supports an account debit to pay fees, but an account credit may be initiated where pricing strategies include incentives.

vehicle payment request*  (Near-term)  

Notification of status of authorization request. The asterisk (*) indicates that this triple has been discontinued and is no longer included in ARC–IT.

vehicle payment update  (Near-term)  

Data written to vehicle equipment to support electronic toll collection or parking payment.