Agreements provide the institutional underpinnings for the technical integration identified in the Regional ITS Architecture. This page lists the agreements that support Intelligent Transportation Systems in the region.

 Arterial Road Weather Improvements – MOUMedium–term
 Arterial Road Weather Improvements – OAMedium–term
 Arterial Signal Preemption – OANear–term
 Arterial Smart Workzone Improvements – OAMedium–term
 Arterial Traffic and Incident Monitoring Improvements – OANear–term
 ICM – MOUExisting
 Local Transit Improvements – MOUNear–term
 Local Transit Improvements – OANear–term
 Regional Connected Vehicles – MOULong–term
 Regional Traffic Management Improvements – MOUMedium–term
 Regional Traffic Management Improvements – OAMedium–term
 Regional Transportation Information Coordination Improvements – MOUMedium–term
 Regional Transportation Information Coordination Improvements – OAMedium–term
 Regional Traveler Information Improvements – MOUNear–term
 Regional Traveler Information Improvements – OANear–term