LBJ Express Roadway Devices




LBJ Express roadway devices provide ontrol and information to the LBJ Texpress toll lanes.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
LBJ ExpressOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

ITS Roadway Equipment
Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Roadway Emissions Monitoring'Roadway Emissions Monitoring' monitors emissions and general air quality and communicates the collected information back to the Emissions Management Center where it can be monitored, analyzed, and used. This functional object supports point monitoring of individual vehicle emissions as well as general monitoring of standard air quality measures.False
Roadway Reversible Lanes'Roadway Reversible Lanes' includes field elements that monitor and control reversible lane facilities. It includes the traffic sensors, surveillance equipment, lane control signals, physical lane access controls, and other field elements that manage traffic on these facilities. It provides current reversible lane facility status information and accepts requests and control commands from the controlling center.False

Physical Standards

SDODocument #TitleUser Defined
ITEITE ATC 5201Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC)False
ITE ATC 5202Model 2070 Controller StandardFalse
ITE ATC APIApplication Programming Interface (API) Standard for the Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC)False
ITE ITS CabinetITS Standard Specification for Roadside CabinetsFalse
NEMANEMA TS 2Traffic Controller Assemblies with NTCIP RequirementsFalse
NEMA TS 8Cyber and Physical Security for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)False
USDOTRSU V4USDOT Roadside Unit (RSU) Specification Document – Version 4False

Interfaces To

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LBJ Express Traffic Management Center