LBJ Express Traffic Management Center




The LBJ Express Management Center manages traffic on the LBJ Express toll lanes, including the management of reversible lanes and messaging. The traffic management center is also responsible for managing and collecting information from emissions monitoring equipment.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
LBJ ExpressOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Traffic Management Center
Emissions Management Center
Archived Data User System

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Emissions Data Management'Emissions Data Management' collects and stores air quality and vehicle emissions information by remotely monitoring and controlling area wide and point sensors. General air quality measures are distributed as general traveler information and also may be used in demand management programs. Collected roadside emissions are analyzed and used to detect, identify, and notify concerned parties regarding vehicles that exceed emissions standards.False
TMC Reversible Lane Management'TMC Reversible Lane Management' remotely monitors and controls reversible lanes. It provides an interface to reversible lane field equipment (traffic sensors, surveillance equipment, lane control signals, physical lane access controls, etc.) and to traffic operations personnel to support central monitoring and control of these facilities.False

Physical Standards

SDODocument #TitleUser Defined
NEMANEMA TS 8Cyber and Physical Security for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)False

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