DART Transit Vehicles

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DART Transit Vehicles are the transit vehicle fleets operated by the DART Transit Management Center. The main component of the transit vehicle fleet is DART's bus system. The bus system constitutes over 130 routes that allow travel to all cities within DART's service area. Other transit vehicle fleets operated by DART include: DART On–Call curb–to–curb van service available in several suburban neighborhoods found in East Rowlett, Farmers Branch, Glenn Heights, Lake Highlands, Lakewood, North Central Plano, North Dallas, and Richardson; DART Flex Service which operates six routes that serve the Telecom Corridor area of Plano and northern Richardson, South Irving, South and East Plano, Rowlett, and Southeast Dallas; DART Paratransit Services which provide curb–to–curb transportation to people with disabilities who are unable to use regular fixed–route buses or trains; and DART Vanpools which are avaliable to groups of six to fifteen commuters with common destinations/origins.


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Dallas Area Rapid TransitOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Transit Vehicle OBE

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Transit Vehicle On–Board Fare Management'Transit Vehicle On–board Fare Management' supports fare collection using a standard fare card or other non–monetary fare medium and detects payment violations. Collected fare data are made available to the center.False
Transit Vehicle On–Board Information Services'Transit Vehicle On–board Information Services' furnishes en route transit users with real–time travel–related information on–board a transit vehicle. Current information that can be provided to transit users includes transit routes, schedules, transfer options, fares, real–time schedule adherence, current incidents, weather conditions, non–motorized transportation services, and special events are provided. In addition to tailored information for individual transit users, it also supports general annunciation and/or display of general schedule information, imminent arrival information, and other information of general interest to transit users.False
Transit Vehicle On–Board Paratransit Operations'Transit Vehicle On–board Paratransit Operations' forwards paratransit and flexible–route dispatch requests to the operator and forwards acknowledgements to the center. It coordinates with, and assists the operator in managing multi–stop runs associated with demand responsive transit services including paratransit. It collects transit vehicle passenger data and makes it available to the center.False
Transit Vehicle Schedule Management'Transit Vehicle Schedule Management' monitors schedule performance and identifies corrective actions when a deviation is detected. It provides two–way communication between the transit vehicle and center, enabling the center to communicate with the vehicle operator and monitor on–board systems.False
Transit Vehicle Security'Transit Vehicle Security' provides security and safety functions on–board the transit vehicle. It includes surveillance and sensor systems that monitor the on–board environment, silent alarms that can be activated by transit user or vehicle operator, operator authentication, and a remote vehicle disable function. The surveillance equipment includes video (e.g. CCTV cameras), audio systems and/or event recorder systems. The sensor equipment includes threat sensors (e.g. chemical agent, toxic industrial chemical, biological, explosives, and radiological sensors) and object detection sensors (e.g. metal detectors).False
Transit Vehicle Signal Priority'Transit Vehicle Signal Priority' provides the capability for transit vehicles to determine eligibility for priority and request signal priority at signalized intersections, ramps, and interchanges through short range communication with traffic control equipment at the roadside.False

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