TM09-Integrated Decision Support and Demand Management (ICM)

Status: Existing


This service package recommends courses of action to traffic operations personnel based on an assessment of current and forecast road network performance. Recommendations may include predefined incident response plans and regional surface street and freeway control strategies that correct network imbalances. Where applicable, this service package also recommends transit, parking, and toll strategies to influence traveler route and mode choices to support travel demand management (TDM) programs and policies managing both traffic and the environment. TDM recommendations are coordinated with transit, parking, and toll administration centers to support regional implementation of TDM strategies. Incident response and congestion management recommendations are implemented by the local traffic management center and coordinated with other regional centers by other service packages (see ATMS07–Regional Traffic Management and ATMS08–Traffic Incident Management). All recommendations are based on historical evaluation, real–time assessment, and forecast of the roadway network performance based on predicted travel demand patterns. Traffic data is collected from sensors and surveillance equipment as well as other transportation management centers (see ATIS06–Transportation Operations Data Sharing). Forecasted traffic loads are derived from historical data and route plans supplied by the Information Service Provider Subsystem. This service package also collects air quality, parking availability, transit usage, and vehicle occupancy data to support TDM, where applicable.

Includes Elements

DART Transit Management Center
North Texas Tollway Authority Traffic Management Center
DART Parking Management