ST09-Connected Eco-Driving

Status: Existing


The Connected Eco–Driving service package provides customized real–time driving advice to drivers so that they can adjust their driving behavior to save fuel and reduce emissions. Eco–driving advice includes recommended driving speeds, optimal acceleration, and optimal deceleration profiles based on prevailing traffic conditions, interactions with nearby vehicles, and upcoming road grades. The service package also provides feedback to drivers on their driving behavior to encourage drivers to drive in a more environmentally efficient manner. Finally, the service package may include vehicle–assisted strategies where the vehicle automatically implements the eco–driving strategy (e.g., changes gears, switches power sources, or reduces its speed in an eco–friendly manner).

Includes Elements

TxDOT – Dallas District Traffic Management Center (DalTrans)
TxDOT – Dallas District Roadway Devices
TxDOT – Fort Worth District Roadway Devices
NCTCOG Archived Data Management