TM12-Dynamic Roadway Warning

Status: Existing


This service package includes systems that dynamically warn drivers approaching hazards on a roadway. Such hazards include roadway weather conditions, road surface conditions, traffic conditions including queues, obstacles or animals in the roadway and any other transient event that can be sensed. These dynamic roadway warning systems can alert approaching drivers via warning signs, flashing lights, in–vehicle messages, etc. Such systems can increase the safety of a roadway by reducing the occurrence of incidents. The system can be centrally monitored and controlled by a traffic management center or it can be autonomous.

Speed warnings that consider the limitations of a given vehicle for the geometry of the roadway (e.g., rollover risk for tall vehicles) are not included in this service package but are covered by the TM17 Speed Warning and Enforcement service package.

Roadway warning systems, especially queue warning systems are an Active Traffic Management (ATM) strategy and are typically used in conjunction with other ATM strategies (such as TM20–Variable Speed Limits and TM22–Dynamic Lane Management and Shoulder Use).

Includes Elements

TxDOT – Dallas District Roadway Devices
TxDOT – Fort Worth District Roadway Devices