MC10-Asset Tracking

Status: Existing


This service package supports asset tracking using RFID technologies to maintain accurate inventory status that includes asset locations. The full range of RFID technologies are supported from passive technologies supporting near field communications through active tags that support additional storage and greater communications range. Support for handheld/portable readers, fixed RSE–based readers, and vehicle–based readers including both wheeled and aerial (e.g., drone) vehicles is provided. The collected asset location data is made available to other maintenance and construction applications and asset management.

Complete, up–to–date knowledge of deployed maintenance and construction asset locations can also be used to provide better information to approaching vehicles. If asset tracking identifies assets in travel lanes or other safety issues, this service package can issue warnings to drivers and work crews in the area. This information is specifically useful to automated vehicles, which also need to assess whether road segments with active construction and maintenance activities are within their operational design domain. If not, automated vehicles can begin the process of notifying drivers and preparing them to take over driving responsibility as road segments with deployed work zone assets are approached.

Includes Elements

North Texas Tollway Authority Traffic Management Center
TxDOT – Dallas District Traffic Management Center (DalTrans)