VS12-Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety

Status: Existing


This service package supports the sensing and warning systems used to interact with pedestrians, cyclists, and other non–motorized users that operate on the main vehicle roadways, or on pathways that intersect the main vehicle roadways. These systems allow automated warning or active protection for this class of users. It integrates traffic, pedestrian, and cyclist information from roadside or intersection detectors and new forms of data from wirelessly connected, non–motorized traveler–carried mobile devices to request right–of–way or to inform non–motorized travelers when to cross and how to remain aligned with the crosswalk or pathway based on real–time Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) and MAP information. In some cases, priority will be given to non–motorized travelers, such as persons with disabilities who need additional crossing time, or in special conditions (e.g., weather) where non–motorized travelers may warrant priority or additional crossing time. This service package will enable a service call to be routed to the traffic controller from a mobile device of a registered person with disabilities after confirming the direction and orientation of the roadway that the individual is intending to cross. It also provides warnings to the non–motorized user of possible infringement of the crossing or pathway by approaching vehicles.

Includes Elements

Local Roadway Devices
Local Traffic Management Center
North Texas Tollway Authority Roadway Devices
North Texas Tollway Authority Traffic Management Center
TxDOT – Dallas District Traffic Management Center (DalTrans)
TxDOT – Fort Worth District Traffic Management Center
TxDOT – Dallas District Roadway Devices
TxDOT – Fort Worth District Roadway Devices