Emergency Secure Area Alarm Support Functional Area


'Emergency Secure Area Alarm Support' receives traveler or transit vehicle operator alarm messages, notifies the system operator, and provides acknowledgement of alarm receipt back to the originator of the alarm. The alarms received can be generated by silent or audible alarm systems and may originate from public areas (e.g. transit stops, park and ride lots, transit stations, rest areas) or transit vehicles. The nature of the emergency may be determined based on the information in the alarm message as well as other inputs.

Included In

Local Emergency Management Centers

Functional Requirements

1The center shall collect silent and audible alarms received from travelers in secure areas (such as transit stops, rest areas, park and ride lots, modal interchange facilities).
2The center shall collect silent and audible alarms received from transit vehicles, originated by the traveler or the transit vehicle operator.
3After the alarm message has been received, the center shall generate an alarm acknowledgment to the sender.
4After the alarm message becomes a verified incident, the center shall determine the appropriate response.
5The center shall determine whether the alarm message indicates an emergency that requires the attention of public safety agencies, and forward alarm message data to the appropriate agency as necessary.
6The center shall forward the alarm message to center personnel and respond to the traveler or transit vehicle operator as directed by the personnel.