TIC Traveler Information Broadcast Functional Area


'TIC Traveler Information Broadcast' disseminates traveler information including traffic and road conditions, incident information, maintenance and construction information, event information, transit information, parking information, and weather information. The same information is broadcast to all equipped traveler interface systems and vehicles.

Included In

North Texas Tollway Authority Traffic Management Center

Functional Requirements

1The center shall disseminate traffic and highway condition information to travelers, including incident information, detours and road closures, event information, recommended routes, and current speeds on specific routes.
10The center shall provide the capability for a system operator to control the type and update frequency of broadcast traveler information.
2The center shall disseminate maintenance and construction information to travelers, including scheduled maintenance and construction work activities and work zone activities.
3The center shall disseminate transit routes and schedules, transit transfer options, transit fares, and real–time schedule adherence information to travelers.
4The center shall disseminate parking information to travelers, including location, availability, and fees.
5The center shall disseminate toll fee information to travelers.
6The center shall disseminate weather information to travelers.
7The center shall disseminate event information to travelers.
8The center shall disseminate air quality information to travelers.
9The center shall provide traffic and incident data to the media.