TIC Data Collection Functional Area


'TIC Data Collection' collects transportation–related data from other centers, performs data quality checks on the collected data and then consolidates, verifies, and refines the data and makes it available in a consistent format to applications that support operational data sharing between centers and deliver traveler information to end–users. A broad range of data is collected including traffic and road conditions, transit data, emergency information and advisories, weather data, special event information, traveler services, parking, multimodal data, and toll/pricing data. It also shares data with other transportation information centers.

Included In

North Texas Tollway Authority Traffic Management Center
NCTCOG Archived Data Management
Fort Worth Transportation Authority Web Site
DFW Connect a Ride

Functional Requirements

1The center shall collect, process, and store traffic and highway condition information, including incident information, detours and road closures, event information, recommended routes, and current speeds on specific routes.
10The center shall collect, process, and store freight specific traveler information.
11The center shall collect, process, and store border crossing information.
12The center shall collect information on transit schedule and service changes that adapt the service to better meet needs of responders and the general public in an emergency situation, including special service schedules supporting evacuation.
13The center shall collect evacuation shelter information including location, hours of operation, special accommodations, and current vacancy/availability information.
14The center shall collect evacuation information including evacuation zones, evacuation times, and reentry times.
15The center shall collect alert information and status from emergency management centers. The information includes notification of a major emergency such as a natural or man–made disaster, civil emergency, or child abduction for distribution to the public.
16The center shall collect road condition information for freeways, arterials, and secondary roads that are used as freight routes.
17The center shall collect emissions information, including information from low emission zone operations.
18The center shall collect information concerning members of the population that may require additional assistance in the event of an evacuation, including the names of household members, address, special needs, and any care giver information (nurse or hospice service that may want to keep track of their patient's status).
19The center shall collect, store and process multimodal transportation service information (for example, from ferry, rail and airline operators), including current ferry and rail schedule and airport status information and transfer points.
2The transportation information center shall select real–time information on the state of the regional transportation system including current traffic and road conditions, weather conditions, transit information, parking information, special event and incident information.
20The center shall collect, store and process information related to service providers, such as hospitals, auto–repair, dining, fueling and emergency services.
21The center shall provide environmental road data to other transportation centers and weather processing systems.
22The center shall collect, store and exchange transportation–related regulations with other transportation centers.
23The center shall acquire environmental data from vehicles.
3The center shall collect, process, and store maintenance and construction information, including scheduled maintenance and construction work activities and work zone activities.
4The center shall collect, process, and store transit routes and schedules, transit transfer options, transit fares, and real–time schedule adherence information.
5The transportation information center shall collect, process, and store parking information, including location, availability, and fees.
6The center shall collect, process, and store toll fee information.
7The center shall collect, process, and store current and forecast road conditions and surface weather conditions.
8The center shall collect, process, and store event information.
9The center shall collect, process, and store air quality information.