Local Transit Improvements - MOU

Type: Unspecified

Status: Near–term


The purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to ensure that transit, emergency and traffic management stakeholders are in agreement on the development of transit improvements that may include security, transit signal priority, vehicle tracking, transit traveler information and improved management strategies.The MOU should define the stakeholder roles and responsibilities, the changes required of the stakeholders' current activities, how transit data will be collected, disseminated and used to respond to incidents and implement transit signal priority

This MOU may represent multiple MOUs between different stakeholders. For example, one MOU may only be between a jurisdiction's traffic management entity and its transit provider. Another may be between an emergency responder and transit provider.


City of Dallas
City of Plano
Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Local Traffic Management Agencies
Public / Private Transit Providers
Local Emergency Responders


Public / Private Provider Transit Improvements