TM11-Road Use Charging

Status: Long–term


The Road Use Charging service package supports the capability to charge fees to roadway vehicle owners for using specific roadways with potentially differential payment rates based on time–of–day, which specific roadway is used, and class of vehicle or other vehicle–based criteria (a local policy decision by each roadway owner). These payment schemes could be forms of Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) or other schemes that are yet to be defined. Vehicle owners need only register with a single payment entity of their choice (a participating state, municipal, or regional DOT, an authority, or a private entity), and payments are reconciled by the entity receiving payment (and travel history) with all roadway owners that participate in the road use payment scheme, which may also include the Federal government. Vehicle owners would pay nothing for distances traveled where there are no payments required (e.g. in jurisdictions that have not implemented a distance–based payment or for roadway operators that collect payment using traditional tolls), although a Federal payment rate might cover some or all roadway operations (a Federal policy decision). Basic operation depends on the vehicle tracking its own location, and periodically reporting its travel history to the registered entity receiving payment using connected vehicle communications.

Includes Elements

North Texas Tollway Authority Payment Management
Traveler Vehicles
North Texas Tollway Authority Roadway Payment
TxDOT Toll Collection Operations Payment
LBJ Express Roadway Payment