CVO15-Fleet and Freight Security

Status: Existing


This service package provides enhanced security for commercial vehicle fleets and freight. Internal and external alerts and advisories are monitored to identify potential threats to the safety and security of the fleet and freight. It provides for the planning and tracking of three aspects of commercial vehicle shipments. For each shipment, the commercial vehicle, the freight equipment, and the commercial vehicle driver are monitored for consistency with the planned assignment. Any unauthorized changes are determined by the Fleet and Freight Management Center and then the appropriate people and Centers are notified. As the freight is shipped and tracked, security and public safety agencies may also interrogate the freight container to determine if it has been breached and to identify container contents. Once a route has been assigned, changes must be coordinated. Commercial Vehicle Drivers are alerted to any changes in route from the planned route and given an opportunity to justify a rerouting. Any unauthorized or unexpected route changes by the Commercial Vehicle will register a route deviation alert with the Fleet and Freight Management Center, which can notify local public safety agencies of the route deviation when appropriate (e.g., if there is safety sensitive HAZMAT being carried). Freight managers may decide to take further action on the alerts and/or provide responses that explain that the alerts are false alarms. If no explanation is received, the Fleet and Freight Management Center may notify the Emergency Management Center.

Includes Elements

Local Emergency Vehicles
Local Emergency Management Centers
Texas Highway Patrol Dispatch Center