ST02-Eco-Traffic Signal Timing

Status: Existing


The Eco–Traffic Signal Timing service package is similar to current adaptive traffic signal control systems; however, the service package's objective is explicitly to optimize traffic signals for the environment rather than the current adaptive systems' objective, which is to enhance the intersection level of service or throughput, which might improve the intersection's environmental performance. The Eco–Traffic Signal Timing service package processes real–time and historical connected vehicle data at signalized intersections to reduce fuel consumption and overall emissions at the intersection, along a corridor, or for a region. It evaluates traffic and environmental parameters at each intersection in real time and adapts so that the traffic network is optimized using available green time to serve the actual traffic demands while minimizing the environmental impact.

Includes Elements

Local Roadway Devices
TxDOT – Dallas District Traffic Management Center (DalTrans)
TxDOT – Fort Worth District Traffic Management Center
TxDOT – Dallas District Roadway Devices
TxDOT – Fort Worth District Roadway Devices
LBJ Express Traffic Management Center