PT18-Integrated Multi-Modal Electronic Payment

Status: Existing


The Integrated Multi–Modal Electronic Payment (IMMEP) service package provides electronic payment capability for transit fares, tolls, road use, parking, and other areas requiring electronic payments. IMMEP enables the provision of payment for transportation services using a single account for multiple public transportation providers. The transportation user establishes an account with a financial service provider (modeled as the Payment Administration Center (PAC)), and the PAC communicates with various public transportation providers to coordinate charges. IMMEP also supports the management of transportation user access rights (i.e., this user can use the subway but not the bus). Payment transactions are centralized; the user provides only a secure, registered token (the 'secureID') to the transportation provider's access control equipment. The transportation provider uses that token and context to initiate transactions with the PAC.

Includes Elements

DART Transit Vehicles
DART Transit Management Center
DART Parking Management
DART Remote Traveler Support