TM21-Speed Harmonization

Status: Existing


This service package determines speed recommendations based on traffic conditions and weather information and uses connected vehicle technologies to assist in harmonizing speeds to these recommendations. The speed recommendations can be regulatory (e.g. variable speed limits) or advisory. The purpose of speed harmonization is to change traffic speed on links that approach areas of traffic congestion, bottlenecks, incidents, special events, and other conditions that affect flow. Speed harmonization assists in maintaining flow, reducing unnecessary stops and starts, and maintaining consistent speeds. The service package utilizes connected vehicle V2I communication to detect the precipitating roadway or congestion conditions that might necessitate speed harmonization, to generate the appropriate response plans and speed recommendation strategies for upstream traffic, and to broadcast such recommendations to the affected vehicles. The speed recommendations can be provided in–vehicle for connected vehicles, or through roadside signage for non–connected vehicles.

Includes Elements

Local Roadway Devices
North Texas Tollway Authority Roadway Devices
TxDOT – Dallas District Traffic Management Center (DalTrans)
TxDOT – Fort Worth District Traffic Management Center
DFW International Airport Roadway Devices
TxDOT – Dallas District Roadway Devices
TxDOT – Fort Worth District Roadway Devices
LBJ Express Roadway Devices