Vehicle Intersection Warning Functional Area


'Vehicle Intersection Warning' uses V2V and V2I communications to monitor other connected vehicles at intersections and support the safe movement of the vehicle through the intersection. Driver warnings are provided and the application may also optionally take control of the vehicle to avoid collisions. The application will also notify the infrastructure and other vehicles if it detects an unsafe infringement on the intersection.

Included In

Traveler Vehicles

Functional Requirements

1Vehicle shall provide vehicle path information to identify if vehicle is performing an unpermitted movement at an intersection such as a stop sign violation or running a red light.
2Vehicle shall provide data describing the vehicle's location in three dimensions, heading, speed, acceleration, braking status, and size.
3The vehicle shall receive intersection signal timing information in order for the vehicle to determine if it will safely cross the intersection given its current location and speed.
4The vehicle shall be capable of providing warnings to the driver based upon information received regarding pedestrians, cyclists, and other non–motorized users that are sharing the roadway with the vehicle.
5The vehicle shall receive warning from the infrastructure if an intersection violation appears to be imminent.
6The vehicle shall provide to the driver a warning if it looks like the vehicle will go through the intersection after the signal has turned red.