Transit Center Security Functional Area


'Transit Center Security' monitors transit vehicle operator or traveler activated alarms received from on–board a transit vehicle. It supports transit vehicle operator authentication and provides the capability to remotely disable a transit vehicle. It also includes the capability to alert operators and police to potential incidents identified by these security features.

Included In

DART Transit Management Center
Fort Worth Transportation Authority Transit Management Center
Public / Private Transit Management Center
Denton County Transit Management Center

Functional Requirements

1The center shall monitor transit vehicle operational data to determine if the transit vehicle is off–route and assess whether a security incident is occurring.
10The center shall provide transit incident information to traveler information providers and the media.
2The center shall receive reports of emergencies on–board transit vehicles entered directly be the transit vehicle operator or from a traveler through interfaces such as panic buttons or alarm switches.
3The center shall support the back–office portion of functionality to authenticate transit vehicle operators.
4The center shall provide transit incident information along with other service data to emergency centers.
5The center shall receive information pertaining to a wide–area alert such as weather alerts, disaster situations, or child abductions. This information may come from Emergency Management or from other Alerting and Advisory Systems.
6The center shall send wide–area alert information to travelers (on–board transit vehicles or at stations/stops) and transit vehicle operators.
7The center shall coordinate the response to security incidents involving transit with other agencies including Emergency Management, other transit agencies, media, traffic management, and traveler information service providers.
8The center shall receive threat information and status on the integrity of the transit infrastructure.
9The center shall provide support to remotely disable (or reset the disabling of) a transit vehicle in service.