PS08-Roadway Service Patrols

Status: Existing


This service package supports roadway service patrol vehicles that monitor roads and aid motorists, offering rapid response to minor incidents (flat tire, accidents, out of gas) to minimize disruption to the traffic stream. If problems are detected, the roadway service patrol vehicles will provide assistance to the motorist (e.g., push a vehicle to the shoulder or median). The service package monitors service patrol vehicle locations and supports vehicle dispatch to identified incident locations. Incident information collected by the service patrol is shared with traffic, maintenance and construction, and traveler information systems.

Includes Elements

Dallas County Department of Emergency Management
Local Emergency Vehicles
Local Emergency Management Centers
North Texas Tollway Authority Traffic Management Center
Tarrant County Department of Emergency Management
Dallas County – Courtesy Patrol Vehicles
North Texas Tollway Authority Courtesy Patrol Vehicles
Tarrant County Courtesy Patrol Vehicles
Texas Highway Patrol Dispatch Center