Parking Coordination Functional Area


'Parking Coordination' supports communication and coordination between equipped parking facilities and also supports regional coordination between parking facilities and traffic management systems. Coordination with traffic management supports local traffic control coordination in and around the parking facility and broader regional coordination. It also shares information with transit management systems and information providers to support multimodal travel planning, including parking reservations capabilities. Information including current parking availability, system status, and operating strategies are shared to enable local parking facility management that supports regional transportation strategies.

Included In

DFW International Airport Parking Management
City of Plano Parking Management
Local Parking Management
DART Parking Management
City of Dallas Parking Management

Functional Requirements

1The parking element shall exchange parking management data with other parking facilities including location, hours, availability, status, lot usage, operating strategies, and charging information.
2The parking element shall provide parking management data to traffic management centers upon request as part of the implementation of demand management programs in the region. This could include changes to hours of operation or pricing.
3The parking element shall distribute parking lot information to traffic management centers upon request to support integrated regional traffic control and parking management. This could include information on facility hours of operation and current parking availability.
4The parking element shall distribute parking lot information upon request to transit management centers for park and ride facilities, parking shuttle services, and other applications that integrate transit and parking services.
5The parking element shall distribute parking lot information upon request to traveler information providers to support travel planning.
6The parking element shall support requests for parking reservations.
7The parking facility shall determine availability of parking spaces.